The Folding Room: Sleep/Work/Live

This project was developed with a couple who wanted to use their home to realise some additional income and pursue their dreams of travel. Both freelancers, with flexible work patterns, they needed to condense their belongings into a smaller, multi purpose room, enabling them to rent their additional rooms on Airbnb at short notice.

The brief was to combine ample storage, a TV and sofa, a double bed and an expandable home office into just 12.5 square M.

Discreet and versatile, lighting was to be essential in realising the room’s different functions. Pressure activated panels reveal a range of space-saving storage solutions along two walls, with a dimmable LED built into a space where the installation meets floor and ceiling. This halo of reflected light, coupled with copper-gilt bedside niches (which gives a fireside glow at night) creates a range of lighting moods which can be adjusted and combined to suit the rooms varied functions.

The colour cues, including the copper leaf, were taken from a painting which hangs opposite the sofa/bed, a single shelf of bedtime reading above. The picture frame is hinged to the wall and hides a TV.